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nGimat has moved to a new facility

nGimat Co. is a leading nanoengineered materials provider of customized and affordable solutions to critical business needs headquartered in Atlanta, GA. By working closely with customers to define their needs, nGimat can create never before attained product enhancements through the unique performance of its nanomaterials. As an intellectual property company, nGimat manufactures engineered nanomaterials in the following areas: nanopowders, thin film coatings, and devices. nGimat's NanoSpraySM Combustion Process technology enables synthesis of thin films and nanopowders. The nanopowders line of business is based out of nGimat LLC's Lexington, KY office. These processes are easily scalable and amenable to mass manufacturing, thereby enabling low-cost production of engineering materials with controlled composition, size, and morphology. To watch the video "Water on Superhydrophobic Window screen" click here

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nGimatTM has expertise in nanomaterial discovery, production, and processing in final products. The Company has more than 47 U.S. patents and 70 non-U.S. patents issued, and over 67 patent applications pending covering its raw materials, processes, equipment, composition of matter, intermediate products and final products.

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