MCT Produces Low Cost Nanopowders

September 26, 2001 – MicroCoating Technologies (MCT) has developed a new methodology for producing low cost nanopowders (< 100 nm). This method is based on MCTs innovative flame based, open atmosphere Combustion Chemical Vapor Deposition (CCVD) process and NanomiserTM technology. NanomiserTM facilitates the atomization of solution into sub-micron droplets that are combusted in the flame to produce nanopowders. Nanopowders have utility in industries including electronics, cosmetics, catalysts, and polishing due to their attractive properties such as small grain size and high surface area. The CCVD technique uses very simple equipment distinct from conventional processes. Employing this process, MCT has synthesized metal and oxide nanopowders in wet or/and dry form. Materials including platinum, silver, ruthenium, silica, alumina, ceria both undoped and samarium doped, zinc oxide, and yttria stabilized zirconia have been produced. With the CCVD technology, MCT believes it will have superior flexibility to synthesize metals, and single and multicomponent oxides with good purity, tailored particle size, less agglomeration, and good composition control. In addition, the simplicity of the process should allow for rapid scaling and compelling cost savings. MCTs Nanopowder program was funded by BMDO.