Thomas A Sapoas Appointed to Committee to Evaluate the National Nanotechnology Initiative

January 10, 2005 – Thomas A. Saponas (a member of nGimats Board of Directors) has been selected to serve on the committee to evaluate the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) program of the National Academies. The U.S. Congress and the National Nanotechnology Coordination Office has tasked the committee to evaluate the progress and effectiveness of the multi-agency NNI program. It is to recommend new or revised goals and metrics, analyze the relative position of the United States in this growing field, and analyze the impact of nanotechnology on the U.S. economy. The committee will also perform a one-time assessment of the need for standards, guidelines, or strategies for ensuring the responsible development of nanotechnology. As part of this effort, the committee will organize a workshop to study the technical feasibility of molecular self-assembly for the manufacture of materials and devices at the molecular scale.