nGimat Announces Issued Patents Covering EPITAXIAL THIN FILMS

June 8, 2006 – nGimat Co. announced today the recent issuance of U.S. patent No. 7,033,637 entitled “Epitaxial Thin Films”. This patent covers a method for forming capacitors in which the dielectric is an epitaxial thin film. The epitaxy is between dissimilar lattices and is enabled by compositional changes and nanolayers. The method is useful for forming new tunable capacitors for nGimat-designed components that are expected to be used in commercial and military wireless equipment. Such components include tunable filters and phase shifters like those in the April 2006 MicroWave Journal article. These components are designed to allow future homeland security communications handsets to tune to multiple frequency bands as well as provide increased security of transmitted signals by beam direction. In addition, these components are anticipated to be substantially less expensive, smaller in size and consume less power than what is currently being produced and is used mostly in high-end military applications.