About Us

nGimat Co., founded in 1994, is an intellectual property company and a manufacturer of engineered nanomaterials in the following areas:

  • Functional Surfaces
  • Barrier Coatings
  • Electronics & Optics

The NanoSpraySM Combustion Processing technology for coatings and nanopowders, along with the NanomiserTM Device, was invented by nGimat’s founder, Dr. Andrew Hunt. nGimat has multiple U.S. patents and patent applications pending covering its raw materials, processes, equipment, composition of matter, intermediate products and final products. nGimat is located in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia.

nGimat’s Focus and Target Products

nGimat is focusing its product development, sales, and licensing in the following target markets: 1) functional surfaces, 2) barrier coatings, and 3) electronics and optics.

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Customer Solutions

nGimat offers its customers product sales, license arrangements, and R&D services.

  • nGimat’s NanoSpraySM Combustion Processing technique and advanced material technology can be licensed under strategic alliances and joint ventures in select applications of nanotechnology, barrier coatings, and electronics;
  • Components and advanced nanomaterials are being developed and sold in related markets;
  • In association with customer alliances, the CCVD coating equipment is available for purchase (all markets); and
  • Research and development services are offered to industrial and governmental customers for emerging technologies (all markets).

nGimat also has an active program of government development grants from agencies such as the National Science Foundation, the Department of Energy, the Department of Defense (Navy, Army, Air Force and Missile Defense Agency), the National Institute of Health, and NASA.