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nGimat Nanopowders and Dispersions Product List
nGimat's nanopowders and dispersions can be purchased either directly from us or through our distribution partner Sigma-Aldrich, depending on product and quantity. For quantities under 1 kg, certain products that are sold through Sigma-Aldrich can be viewed here or by clicking the appropriate link below. For quantities of 1kg or larger, all products can be purchased directly from nGimat. Please contact nGimat for bulk pricing on lots significantly larger than 1kg or 1 liter.

Category Catalog # Product name * Molecular formula Pricing Information (as of December 19, 2008) **
Quantities less than 1kg 1kg or 1liter
(Single metal Oxides)
101 Calcium Oxide CaO Contact Sigma Aldrich $1,320
102 Cerium Oxide CeO2 $300 (100g) $600 (500g) $1,000
103 Iron Oxides FexOy $350 (100g) $750 (500g) $1,200
104 Magnesium Oxide MgO Contact Sigma Aldrich $3,850
105 Tin Oxide SnO2 Contact Sigma Aldrich $1,350
106 Titanium Oxide, Manganese doped TiO2 Mn-doped Contact Sigma Aldrich $1,650
107 Zinc Oxide, Aluminum doped ZnO, Al-doped Contact Sigma Aldrich $1,650
  Special orders *** e.g. NiO, ZnO Contact nGimat
(Bi-metal Oxides)
201 Barium Ferrite BaFe12O19 Contact Sigma Aldrich $1,650
202 Barium Titanate (BTO) BaTiO3 $350 (100g) $700 (500g) $1,200
203 Cerium Aluminum Oxide CeAlO3 Contact Sigma Aldrich $1,650
204 Cerium Oxide, Gadolinium doped (GDC) CeO2/Gd2O3 $350 (100g) $650 (500g) $1,100
205 Cerium Oxide, Samarium doped (SDC) CeO2/Sm2O3 $350 (100g) $650 (500g) $1,100
206 Cerium Zirconium Oxide CeO2.ZrO2 Contact Sigma Aldrich $1,650
207 Copper Iron Oxide CuFe2O4 Contact Sigma Aldrich $1,650
208 Lithium Titanate (LTO) Li4Ti5O12 Contact Sigma Aldrich $1,650
209 Magnesium Aluminum Oxide MgAl2O4 Contact Sigma Aldrich $1,650
210 Nickel Cobalt Oxide NiO.CoO Contact Sigma Aldrich $1,650
211 Titanium Silicon Oxide TiSiO4 Contact Sigma Aldrich $1,650
212 Yttrium Iron Oxide (YIG) Y3Fe5O12 Contact Sigma Aldrich $1,650
213 Zinc Iron Oxide ZnFe2O4 Contact Sigma Aldrich $1,650
214 Zirconium Oxide, Yttria Stabilized (YSZ) ZrO2/Y2O3 Contact Sigma Aldrich $1,650
215 Zirconium Silicon Oxide ZrO2.SiO2 Contact Sigma Aldrich $1,650
  Special orders *** e.g. Y3Al5O12, (In2O3)9.SnO2 Contact nGimat
(Multi-metal Oxides)
301 Barium Strontium Titanate (BST) BaTiO3.SrTiO3 $400 (100g) $800 (500g) $1,500
302 Copper Zinc Iron Oxide CuZnFe2O4 Contact Sigma Aldrich $1,870
303 Copper Oxide with Ceria Stabilized Zirconium Oxide CuO.ZrO2/CeO2 $450 (100g) $900 (500g) $1,600
304 Copper Oxide with Samarium doped Cerium Oxide CuO.CeO2/Sm2O3 $400 (100g) $800 (500g) $1,500
305 Nickel Oxide with Samarium doped Cerium Oxide NiO.CeO2/Sm2O3 $400 (100g) $800 (500g) $1,500
307 Nickel Oxide with Yttria Stabilized Zirconium Oxide NiO.ZrO2/Y2O3 $450 (100g) $900 (500g) $1,600
308 Nickel Zinc Iron Oxide NiZnFe2O4 Contact Sigma Aldrich $1,870
309 Samarium Strontium Cobalt Oxide Sm0.5Sr0.5Co2Ox Contact Sigma Aldrich $2,750
Special orders *** e.g. Li(NiMnCo)O2 Contact nGimat
(Metal Phosphates, Hydroxides etc.)
401 Calcium Phosphate (amorphous) Ca2O7P2.XH2O Contact Sigma Aldrich $2,200
402 Hydroxyapatite (HAP) Ca5(OH)(PO4)3 Contact Sigma Aldrich $1,650
403 Hydroxyapatite, Silica doped Ca5(OH)(PO4)4.xSiO2 Contact Sigma Aldrich $2,150
404 Tricalcium Phosphate Hydrate Ca3(PO4)2 ·xH2O Contact Sigma Aldrich $2,750
  Special orders *** e.g. LiFePO4, LiMnPO4 Contact nGimat
(Metals & Metal Alloys)
501 Copper Cu $600 (100g) $1500 (500g) $2,400
502 Iron Nickel Alloy FexNiY Contact Sigma Aldrich $2,650
503 Palladium **** Pd Contact Sigma Aldrich $400 per gram
(100g min.)
504 Platinum **** Pt Contact Sigma Aldrich $550 per gram
(100g min.)
505 Silver **** Ag $1500 (100g) $3500 (500g) $6,000
506 Silver-Copper Alloy **** AgxCuY (97.5% Ag) Contact Sigma Aldrich $7,700
507 Tin-Silver Alloy SnxAgY (3.5% Ag) Contact Sigma Aldrich $3,200
Special orders *** e.g. SnCu alloys Contact nGimat
Dispersions 601 Cerium Oxide (10 Wt. % aqueous) CeO2 Contact Sigma Aldrich $275 (10 liter min.)
602 Hydroxyapatite (10 Wt % aqueous) Ca5(OH)(PO4)3 Contact Sigma Aldrich $2,200
603 Silicon Oxide, Alumina doped (20 Wt% aqueous) SiO2..Al2O3 Contact Sigma Aldrich $1,450
604 Zirconium Oxide (10 Wt. % aqueous) ZrO2 Contact Sigma Aldrich $275 (10 liter min.)
605 Zirconium Oxide (5 Wt. % aqueous) ZrO2 Contact Sigma Aldrich $175 (10 liter min.)
  Special orders *** e.g. Pr-doped Zircon, Ag Contact nGimat
* Specifications of products sold through Sigma-Aldrich may be found on the Sigma-Aldrich webpage specific to that product. Products sold through nGimat will typically have an average particle size of <100nm and purity >98% (metals basis).

** Deliver times may vary depending on product. Price may change without notice. Shipping cost extra.

*** Special Orders: Based on a customer's needs, nGimat can tailor composition, particle size, purity, dopants and surface treatment for nanopowders. nGimat can also formulate new nanopowder dispersions with a customer's choice of nanopowder composition, loading and dispersion medium. Please call 678-287-2400 or contact nGimat to request a specific quote on a special order item or for bulk pricing on lots significantly larger than 1kg or 1 liter.

**** Precious metal prices are subject to more frequent changes. Please contact nGimat to confirm current price.

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