Facilities and Equipment

nGimat’s facilities is equipped with instrumentation to perform cutting edge product research, development and manufacturing. nGimat’s headquarters is equipped with a 1,500 sq. ft. Class 1,000 cleanroom.

The Company’s experienced analytic personnel and instrumentation provide rapid turn-around times and state-of-the-art materials analysis to support nGimat’s R&D programs. Examples of the Company’s analysis equipment are listed below:

Analysis Equipment

Description Characterization
Topcon EM-002B Transmission Electron Microscope Microstructure, Nanoparticle Size
Hitachi S-4700 Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope with Oxford Inca EDS Microstructure, Elemental Analysis, Thickness
Bruker General Area Detector Diffraction System Crystallinity, Orientation, Pole Figure
EDAX X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer Elemental Composition
TA Instrument Differential Scanning Calorimeter Q1000 Heat Flow Analysis
TA Instrument Thermogravimetric Analyzer Q500 Thermal Weight Change
Quantasorb BET Analyzer Specific Surface Area Measurements
MOCON OX-TRAN 2/60 Oxygen Permeability
MOCON Permatran 3/61 Water Permeability
Perkin-Elmer Lambda 900 UV-Vis/NIR and Lambda 40 UV-Vis Spectrometers Optical Transmission/Absorption Spectrum/Reflectance
Burleigh Contact and Optical Profilometers Surface Topography and Thickness
Horiba Spectroscopic Ellipsometer Refractive Index and Thickness
Leitz Optical Microscope (2000 X) Transmission/Reflective Appearance
Olympus Optical Microscope (2000 X) Transmission/Reflective Appearance
Kruss Contact Angle Measuring System Surface properties
BYK-Gardner Haze Meter Transparency Measurements
Mettler-Toledo Microbalance (2 µg sensitivity to 22 g) Weight
Quad Group Pull Tester Adhesion
Solartron HF Frequency Response Analyzer Frequency Response
Hall Effect Charge Carrier Mobility
Electrical Test Station that includes Four Point Probe, HP4285a Precision LCR Meter, HP4140B pA Meter, and Keithley 2400 Digital Source Meter with Probe Positioner, HP Network Analyzer to 3 GHz with computer data acquisition Electrical Properties
Bipotentiostat with Rotating Disk Electrodes (Pine) Electrochemical Properties
Solartron Electrochemical Interface SI 1287 Electrochemical Properties
Bemco Salt Water Corrosion Test Chamber Corrosion

nGimat has also acquired processing equipment, including: RCA substrate cleaning equipment, a CEE 100CB spin coater with an automatic photoresist dispensing system, a Karl Suss MJB-3 mask aligner, a Leitz optical microscope, developing baths, wet-etch baths, a multi-source e-beam evaporator, a plasma asher, and a dicing saw. In addition, nGimat has established a strong working relationship with the Georgia Tech Microelectronics Research Center, which has a full CMOS transistor development line.