Vision & Culture

nGimat’s culture is key to implementing its strategy, to accomplishing its mission statement, and to being an efficient and profitable company.

Vision Statement

Through its results-driven people and customer-focused innovation, nGimat will be the clear choice in products enabled by nanomaterials and nano-dimensional advanced thin film coatings.


  • Integrity – be honest with yourself and others, be accountable and trustworthy
  • Open-mindedness – search and try new ideas, listen (open-door), innovate
  • Awareness – promote safety & good health practices, be environmentally friendly & beneficial to society
  • Responsible ownership – maintain confidentiality, be goal-oriented, be thrifty, use best practices, address issues, increase value
  • Customer-orientation – focus on their needs & exceed their expectations, have a sense of urgency, develop new products
  • Teamwork – work together, be supportive, communicate, respect others, be prompt
  • Personal fulfillment – realize self-worth, make work fun, increase skills, achieve goals, increase capabilities, new experiences, enjoy time at nGimat